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Legal Mention

The IDS site is edited by the Ltd. company industrial distribution service with a capital of 250 000 euros, located at 66, rue jean lebas BP 90082 59435 Roncq cedex - France.

The use of e-mail addresses:
We neither sell nor distribute the e-mail addresses that are communicated to us. The only use of these addresses is:to up - date news, exchange e-mails, help the users use the service, protect and defend patent rights and IDS services, action taken under special circumstances to protect indivdual and public user rights.

Control of personal data:
the user, according to the french computing and liberty laws, have the right to enter and modify personal data which is communicated freely through on-line service. To exerce this right, all you have to do is to e-mail or to send us a letter.

General remarks on this service:
The user knows perfectly well that the exchange of personal information, such as name, address or e-mail is necessary for the running of this service. This is shown on the screen during the contact process or price request.... Incomplete or wrong information could impede on correct communication. On-line service is free, in so far as it is up to the user to dispose of the necessary material for internet connection and to assume the cost.

IDS service has the right to modify, without notice, the functionning of it's internet site and it's user-service conditions. This service, as it is available, is a free one and the user uses it at his own risk and peril, without any possibility of demand of indemnity whatever it may be, concerning the functionning of the service. The user is completely responsible for any consequences related to the content of the data which is destined to be used via this service.

Copyright and ownership of the content:
The user is aware that the content, in a non-exhaustive way, the texts, software, sound, photographs, videos, graphic elements, illustrations and any other elements shown on-line are protected by the intellectuel property laws currently in vigour. The strict use of this content is solely authorized in the case of this service. No copy, reproduction or creation derived from this content, without prior notice to IDS service, artists or creators of multi-media content at your disposal, is allowed outside this framework. All mentioned brands are owners of their respective depositaries.


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