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Sales conditions

The fact of placing an order implies complete adhesion, of the buyer, to the general selling conditions. Without formal acceptation from the seller, no particular case can prevail, concerning the general selling conditions. Any other contrary condition from the part of the buyer, unless previously excepted, will remain unopposable to the seller, whenever he becomes aware of this.

1 -Price:
they are subject to change without our notice and do not include v.a.t., in euros and from the factory.

2 -Conditions of payment:
Our invoices are payable: within 10 days, nette without discount, by cheque or by transfer. A delay of payment can be granted under certain conditions. They are payable to our headquarters, bills of exchange and acceptence are not submitted to novation or derogation to the mentioned place of payment. As soon as payment by draft or bill of exchange has been agreed upon, this payment must be returned with approval within 8 days of reception. Any non paid invoice or bill of exchange within the fixed date is subject to immediate payment of all due amounts including legal intrest rates plus a surcharge of 50%. Moreover, the order in question can be suspended or the contract cancelled. ..

3 -Production and delivery time:
Our times of delivery are given as information only, except if otherwise stipulated at the time order, we cannot be submitted to any penalties.In any case, were penalties anticipated, they cannot be due in the case of force majeure, strike, lock-out, loss or damage, delay or interruption of transport, failure of our suppliers or for any other reason beyond our control, even non constituent of force majeure in terms of french law. The requisite quantities are liable to undergo a varation of more or less 5%.

Unless otherwise stipulated, our prices are packing included. The most economical means of transport is used, in the case of door delivery, The client will be liable for any supplementary costs due to a requested change in this means of transport. All merchandise, even door to door, are at the risk and peril of the client. Eventuel customer claims must be made directly to the transporter, in case of damage, theft or loss during transportation or in case of delay.

5 -Fabrication of specific or exclusive brands:
The total delivery will be accepted by the client with the necessary variations in quantity depending on factory output.

6 -Artistic and industriel property:
Any creative process on our part, totally or partially invoiced and unless otherwise agreed on, sketches, texts, mock-ups, models, engraveurs, films, clichés, typography etc. remain our exclusive property. This also applies to any other direct or indirect use made of theses documents.

7 -Property reserved rights:
Customer acceptance of the clause of property reserved rights in appliance with the law 80-335 of 12 mai 1980,is implied for any orders placed to our company. The supplied merchandise will remain the property of IDS until full payment of the said merchandise and its accessories. In the case of non payment in due time , Merchandise can be retrieved.

8 -Jurisdiction:
All disputes are to be settled before the court of Roubaix-Tourcoing even in the case of the use of pluralty guarantees on behalf of the defenders, not withstanding any contrary clause stated in the buying conditions of the client.

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